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bombacı 4

Bombacı 4 Oyunu Oyna

Bombacı 4 oyununu oyna. We are in the presence of modern version of Bomberman game that you passionate it in the past. Moreover, not only you can play by your self but; also can play with your friends. Your goal in the game is very simple: You must kill your opponents, by dropping bombs in different sections. After you clicking on “START” button, make your adjustments and then click on the same button again.

The game controls as follows: The first player uses “W,A,S,D” keys, to make move; to bomb uses “SPACE” key, as for the second player uses “Arrow” keys; to bomb uses “ENTER” key.

To give some tips about the game can be say the followings: Afer you detonate some blocks, the bonuses will appear. You can add power to your power by talking all these. How? For instance putting more bombs, able to move faster, and could try different stroke styles. Also, be careful to set up trapped fields, such as: volcaneos or meat-eating plants.

You can pause the game or return to main menu with “PAUSE” button.
Wish you have the best chance in the game! Bedava Bombacı 4 oyunu oyna. kraloyunskor.com ailesi olarak başarılar.



Temmuz 30, 2020